Sky Diver and  Blue Skies

Wid's discus launch glider (upper right corner) leading the flock.

An old buzzard sat on a phone pole, warming in the sun and watching me for over an hour (see 3 min video from on board camera on youtube or vimeo) as I practiced my hand launches.

A thermal broke loose and my little plane rose like an express elevator.

Within seconds my audience lept off her (?) perch, flew within a couple yards of my head and into the base of the thermal. It was a boomer and up we went. A few more seconds and buzzard after buzzard was zooming past my head and into that thermal, flying so fast their wings whistled.

I grabbed my camera and took the photo above.

They followed me till I reached the limits of my vision and had to come back down.

The last I saw of them they were still rising and riding that thermal as it drifted downwind and out of sight.

A really nice day!

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